Saturday, December 15, 2007

Here it is Christmas and I've been doing nothing much besides getting photos printed, calenders done up and books made. It's been a good year for that because of my Paris trip with Alex and Lauren. I got the brilliant plan to use various images of mine in those Apple iPhoto calendar things. Well, they are turning out great, nothing 'artsy' really but just good photos on a calendar page. It's cool, and no mall involved. This photo below is one I considered using in a calendar or book. It is one of quite a few digitally layered photos. In this case, I shot a photo of my husband at home posing him in the style of an old Bix Beiderbecke portrait I have seen. Then I layered a scan of a daguerreotype I have and voila! I'm interested in old processes in general but am trying to duplicate the look with my digital camera and Photoshop. This is my first blog and so I'm going to end it here and see how this looks when it's up. Stay tuned.

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